Tacky Tiki talismans turn up in Tokyo


Chile's Moai statue arrives in Tokyo
Kyodo/Japan Times | Dec. 26, 2012
A stone replica of a Moai human figure found on Easter Island, created by Chilean artisans, arrived at a Tokyo port Tuesday to be presented next year to a Miyagi Prefecture town that was devastated by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami...more

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3 thoughts on “Tacky Tiki talismans turn up in Tokyo”

  1. moe-tshirt
    Yeah, yeah yeah. I know that “Moai” can be pun in Japanese in that“moe” (pronounced moh-eh), a hyper vague slang term for something one likes, and among anime feakazoids it refers to characters who inspire a protective sort of love.

    Moai worship is evil!
    moai worship is evil

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