Japan plans for Plutonium Pocky™!

Realizing there is a gaping gap in Glico’s Pocky lineup*, Japan is obviously stockpiling for the introduction of plutonium-flavored Pocky!

Plutonium Pocky parody fair-use Fair Use — Parody

Japan sticks to plan for extracting plutonium, but has little use for the tons it already has
Washington Post (AP News) December 28, 2012
a high-tech facility that would convert spent fuel into a plutonium-uranium mix designed for the next generation of reactors supposed to provide fuel while minimizing nuclear waste storage problems. Those ambitions are falling apart because years of attempts to build a “fast breeder” reactor, which would use the reprocessed fuel, appear to be ending in failure…more…

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6 thoughts on “Japan plans for Plutonium Pocky™!”

  1. Coligny wrote:
    I don’t get it … can you write slower please ?

    Ok, ok, here’s the long version.
    1) The foundation of Japan’s post-WWII policy prohibits any kind of nuclear weapons (aka Plutonium).
    2) All Japanese attempts to build a “fast breeder” reactor that would use reprocessed Plutonium fuel have failed.
    3) Currently, the use of nuclear power power is totally shut down in Japan so there is no need for additional Plutonium (and importantly there’s no place to store it).
    4) So, what can Japan do with all the additional Plutonium? Eat it as Plutonium Pocky!

  2. Russell wrote:
    They could export all that plutonium to China…

    Nah, but I hear that Best Korea is in the market for Plutonium for coloring their arirang/mass games pompoms.

    north korea - arirang or mass games 2011
    North Korea — arirang or mass games
    by Retlaw Snellac, on Flickr

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