Poké Brassiere

Everything you need to know about the Pokémon world…


pokeman pokeball
The above Poké Brassiere is an off-shoot of the Pokémon game’s Poké Ball (AKA in Japanese: Poke-Ball_monsterball“Monster Ball”).
Pokémon Trainers use Poké Balls to capture wild Pokémon and store them when not active—sort of like the Japan’s thermonuclearly-resistant padded underwire bras are needed to harness the put-your-eye-out perkiness of Japanese ninja nipples (3Yen/2010-12-03—Pokébra ).
Such Poké Balls are ubiquitous in the Realm of Pokémon. (via Wikipedia)

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6 thoughts on “Poké Brassiere”

  1. WTF and why are you taking about the “Pokémon world”? That fad partied (and pooped) like it was 1999.

  2. derpus maximus wrote:
    WTF and why are you taking about “Pokémon”?

    In Japan, Pokémon is not passé.
    Like a Monopoly board game, every Japanese kid under 10 years old owns some Pokémon crap—It’s sort of a right of passage in Japan.

    “Pokémon has since become the second-most successful and lucrative video game-based media franchise in the world, behind only Nintendo’s own Mario franchise.”—IGN.com | 2006/09/27: Pokémon 10-Year Retrospective

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