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Topless mecha*—from Japan of course

Figurine of Lana Isavia of G.M.P. (Grorie Miritally [sic] Police) from the Japanese anime show “Southern Cross” circa late 1980s

GMP mecha topless

Lieutenant Lana Isavia version with:
   • with all movable joints
   • optional human head or helmet head
   • “openable” chest armor
   • with optional hands and onihole accessories

kit mecha girl topless
Embiggen to 350 x 355 pixels.

*”Mecha” is imprecise nomenclature for this exoskeleton armor…
Details about Southern Cross can be found at:…Southern_Cross#Main_characters


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2 Responses to “Topless mecha*—from Japan of course”

  1. Coligny Says:

    Isun’t that an exoskeleton armor rathur than a mecha ?

  2. Taro 3Yen Says:

    Coligny wrote:
    Isun’t that an exoskeleton armor rathur than a mecha?

    I will defer to your otaku “expertise” in such matters: I stand corrected.

    A fictional mech is different from a powered exoskeleton in that the mecha is typically much larger than a normal human body, and does not directly enhance the motion or strength of the physical limbs. Instead the human operator occupies a cabin or pilot’s control seat inside a small portion of the larger system

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