Fuzzy logic

Japanese Coming-of-Age Day* girls wearing retro leg-warmers visit Meiji Shrine for the new year in Tokyo’s painfully stylish Harajuku fashion district.
GhettoyImages: 20 Jan 2013
fuzzy boots schoolgirls japan

Why call this “Fuzzy logic”? The temperature was 3C/37F with a stiff Siberian wind blowing down from the north the day this photo was taken.

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I'm a pale alien salaryman, who worked more than 20+yr at "Maybe-the-Largest Inc" in Tokyo. The best term for me now is "o-yatoi gaikokujin" (お雇い外国人) alien hired-gun/consultant. Interests? Well...let's say nothing bores me but sleeping, slacking, snaking, snacking and surfing the Net are my obsessions although working out lifting weights and swimming is what I should be doing right now.

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  1. The US takes Japan’s side on the island dispute with China. Chinese government tells soldiers to get ready for war. Bank of China about to cash in the US treasury bonds. World War Z is coming! O_O

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