Japan sets Guinness record for synchronized dork dancing

In Japan everything has to have a mascot.
And, Japan’s #1 mascot, “Kumamon,” a bear who represents Kumamoto prefecture* and all his yuru-kyara† butt-buddies set a Guinness world record for synchronized dork dancing.

{lit. ‘loose character’ or ‘floppy mascot’}

Japan sets Guinness record for synchronized mascot dancing
This week, 141 “yuru-kyara” from 25 prefectures across the country gathered in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, to make their mark on history by becoming the largest group of mascots ever to do the same dance together
[slacker] Kumamon, the bear-like mascot for Kumamoto, was heard to say, “I’m a little tired, monmore

And for fun, here is Kyodo News’ description of the above video thanks to goofy Google Translate…
loose characters beard dance
141 Characters in loose body do the Beard Dance to challenge the Guinness Record — YouTube
Kyodo News – Jan 27, 2013
One hundred and one “loose characters’ went for a Guinness record at the Huis Ten Bosch Resort in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan on January 27th. Attaining the record, these 141 mascot characters from across Japan continued to dance in perfect in unison for five minutes doing the “Beard Dance.”

EDIT: The “Beard Dance” is really the ‘Mustache Dance” but since the Japanese word for mustache and beard are both hige (髭) the name gets misreported in English.

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9 thoughts on “Japan sets Guinness record for synchronized dork dancing”

  1. WRONG!!!

    The bunghole is not sexual and therefore never censored in Pr0n…

    You should really try stuff more recent than your nikkatsu roman porno pink collekshiun…

  2. I absolutely adore this video, between Toyocky doing his little best to try to bust a move, his mamasama/bodyguard looking scarier than the red horned satanic robot of d00m and the totally unimpressed baby at 0:56… it’s awesum…

  3. Another Guinness world record shows once again that the heavenly islands of YAMATO carry forward the purity of excellent superiority and perfection! Long live his highness The Emperor of YAMATO! BONZAI!!! BONZAI!!! BONZAI!!!

  4. Here’s what the original “Beard Dance” of The Drifters that was featured in TV variety show called “Hachijidayo Zen Inshūgō!

  5. Mo’ betta mascot mucking…

    Kumamon leads Japan’s mascot craze, but don’t mention Pluto-kun (the nuclear mascot)
    The Guardian 2013/may/12
    Kumamon…named Japan’s most popular mascot two years ago. He is the undisputed king of the yuru kyara, or loose characters – a nationwide fraternity of about 1,000 different mascots who provide a touch of whimsy to the serious business of collecting taxes and saving the environment, to promoting tourist spots and regional cuisineJapan-mascot-pluto-kun
    Pluto-kun, or Little Mr Pluto, who appeared in the mid-1990s to soften the image of plutonium on behalf of Japan’s nuclear industry.
    With his cherubic face and green helmet bearing the chemical symbol for plutonium, Pluto-kun fell out of favour after an appearance in an animated educational film in which a boy who downs a glass of plutonium, with no apparent ill-effects. In post-Fukushima Japan, Pluto-kun and his fellow nuclear mascots have kept a low profile, although he can still be found on the website of the Japan Nuclear Fuel Cycle Development Institute.more...

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