‘That’ll put your eye out!’ —Japanese robot

The following Basic Experiments on Collision of Sharp Mechanical Hazards against Eye for Estimation of Injury Severity by a Japanese robot seems better than the proverbial a poke in the eye with a sharp stick…

Robots and humans interact
Improbable Research 2013/02/11
Part 1 : Avoiding a poke in the eye
experiment conducted at the Academy for Safety Intelligence, Nagoya University, Japan.
The participant wearing protective glasses and the robot were separated
the sharp end effector tip of a robot suddenly approaches the eyes of a facing participant. But would the experimental participant move out of the way in time?

Supposedly, in the first experiments the robot didn’t actually stick the human subject in the eye. However in the follow-up the evil robot’s pointed “end-effector” was fully exposed and quoter leftjabbed it directly at an unprotected eyeball, causing considerable damage…quoter right
…to a pig eyeball as shown below.

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