Catch MANTA rays on the Metro! — In Tokyo of course

The next time you’re on the Tokyo Metro subway and you see the logo on the right, you can catch MANTA rays—the free Wifi of the new “MANTA” (Metro Amusement Network Trinity App) service. This is a good deal because in Japan, WiFi is seldom free and always a nuisance to find.

According to the wonders of goofy Google Translate of the MANTA developer, NTT Broadband Platform Inc., Metro station information, subway timetables, station maps will offer via mobile device apps for the particular service area you are in without the hassle of searching. The WiFi and apps will offer the day’s video news and “entertainment information” as well as information on avoiding crowded areas and which train cars to board for the best access.

In case you were wondering about it being ominously called a “Trinity App,” learn more information on how this new mobile app with free Wi-Fi access will be used to “track and provide changes to passenger habits” at the report at Computerword (Feb. 13, 2013): Tokyo Metro, which runs the underground trains in the city, will test how riders react to a new mobile portal.


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3 thoughts on “Catch MANTA rays on the Metro! — In Tokyo of course”

  1. According to the Computerworld article the Metro says, “it will test whether passengers react to the different types of information it provides.”
    That sounds like the Zombie Emergency Alert System!

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