The NHK man owes me lunch

white space is good for the soul**Ding dong**: “NHK…{and a bunch of Japanese blah, blah, blah}…

NHK collector (in stilted engrish): Sir, I am from Nippon Hosso Kyoai and I am here for your TV licence contract payment.

Me (irately): I ain’t paying for your government propaganda channels! Go way.

Thus continues my seemingly endless, 29-year battle with the subscription fee collectors of NHK, Japan’s national public broadcaster. These collectors are determined to extort from me the monthly 15,000 to 25,000 yen ($160 to $266 US dollars) semi-voluntary fee for their broadcast (propaganda) service.
I never pay.
Yet, another NHK man will return in a few months to try again. However, I will be armed with this shocking bit of information the next time the NHK man calls:

ASAHI NEWS (Google Translate):
NHK high salary
NHK employees receive an average annual salary of 11.85 million yen.

Arrrg!! That salary of 11.85 million yen equals $127,000 US dollars per year. The next time the NHK man comes ringing my doorbell try to sell me a NHK payment sticker for my doorjam (see below), he’s buying me lunch.

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  1. How to avoid the NHK man…


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