The NHK man owes me lunch

white space is good for the soul**Ding dong**: “NHK…{and a bunch of Japanese blah, blah, blah}…

NHK collector (in stilted engrish): Sir, I am from Nippon Hosso Kyoai and I am here for your TV licence contract payment.

Me (irately): I ain’t paying for your government propaganda channels! Go way.

Thus continues my seemingly endless, 29-year battle with the subscription fee collectors of NHK, Japan’s national public broadcaster. These collectors are determined to extort from me the monthly 15,000 to 25,000 yen ($160 to $266 US dollars) required-but-semi-voluntary fee for their broadcast (propaganda) service.
I never pay.
Yet, another NHK man will return in a few months to try again. However, I will be armed with this shocking bit of information the next time the NHK man calls:

ASAHI NEWS (Google Translate):
NHK high salary
NHK employees receive an average annual salary of 11.85 million yen.

Arrrg!! That salary of 11.85 million yen equals $127,000 US dollars per year. The next time the NHK man comes ringing my doorbell try to sell me a NHK payment sticker for my doorjam (see below), he’s buying me lunch.

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4 thoughts on “The NHK man owes me lunch”

  1. How to avoid the NHK man…


  2. Don’t want to pay your NHK TV licence fee? Beat Takeshi doesn’t think you should have to

    RocketNews24 | 2015/02/27/
    Beat Takeshi. On the programme “Shin Jouhou 7 Days News Caster” which aired on February 21 on TBS (not NHK, then), he remarked: “Since we have the freedom to not watch NHK if we choose not to, why can’t they sell televisions which come without access to it?” Mr Takeshi was debating the television licence fee at the time with Katsuto Momii, NHK’s 21st Director-General, and Takeshi Shina, a member of the Democratic Party of Japan. “Of course, if NHK has the freedom to broadcast, then we should also have the freedom to opt out of watching it“...more..

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