Cthulhu’s poodle refuses to eat in Japanese confinement

This cute Giant isopod—a sea-dwelling woodlouse the size of a poodle, 29 cm in length—has been on hunger strike at a Japanese aquarium for just a while…
bathynomus giganteus
According the recent RocketNews24 article, Giant Underwater Pill-Bug Refuses to Eat for 4 Years, Scientists Puzzled, said-openThe Toba Aquarium houses two giant isopods. One of them which they affectionately named “No.1” has been on a hunger strike since January 2nd, 2009.said-closed More...

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10 thoughts on “Cthulhu’s poodle refuses to eat in Japanese confinement”

  1. What is the fuck is wrong with these people?! After four years of refusing to eat, why don’t they just return the poor thing to where it belongs?

  2. Why is the Giant Isopod giant?
    Bathymetric gigantism [growing huge in ocean depths below 1000 meters] may also in part reflect decreases in temperature leading to longer lifespans and thus larger sizes in indeterminate growers (Timofeev 2001)
    B. giganteus is a scavenger (3, 5, 6), but some suggest it is also a facultative predator (3, 6). Specimens in aquaria have survived 8 weeks between feedings (5) and it speculated that this may be an adaptation for carrying its brood, which would be severely impacted by a full stomach (3). Further support for this hypothesis are the large quantities of lipid reserves in the hepatopancreas (14) and fat bodies (2) of this isopod

  3. Cuddly giant isopod toy!
    Boing Boing | 2014/02/12
    There's nothing quite so cuddly as a giant isopod plush toy. It has been encutified to make it even more adorable than the real-life version, with big, round, loving eyes. As the product description notes, these are “passionately loved” by some in Japan and are regarded as “mysterious and cute”m0Ar!

  4. A moment of silence please…

    Water Sport News | Feb. 14, 2014
    World famous giant isopod “NO.1″ died today, five years and 43 days after having his last meal, a horse mackerel that he devoured on 2 January 2009. That is 18 days before President Obama began his first term. “No.1″ has now been dissected and his stomach content checked, but still the cause of death is unknown.
  5. I know you reported on this before, but I guess it’s finally found its way to Radiolab….

    I Won’t Eat, You Can’t Make Me! (And They Couldn’t)
    Saturday, February 22, 2014 – 08:00 AM
    By Robert Krulwich : Host, Radiolab
    Months went by. Then years. No.1 didn’t eat anything for all of 2010, then for all of 2011, then for all of 2012
    No.1 didn’t eat for all of 2013. That’s five years without a meal. No animal in captivity has refused food for that long, the Japanese press said. This was some kind of record. Why wouldn’t the animal eat? Nobody knew.
    Then, this month, on Valentine’s Day, when Moritaki arrived with a new mackerel and lowered it into the tank, No. 1 stayed totally motionless. Moritaki leaned in, picked up the isopod, and it wasn’t alive. A dissection was performed to see if there was some obvious reason, some blockage — some something — that would explain No. 1’s stubborn behavior and, according to Rocket News, none was found. “The creature,” Rocket News reported, “will be frozen for preservation. Research is underway on the remains of No. 1 to find out why it refused to eat.”
    Maybe it was sick. Maybe it was angry. Maybe it was stubborn. But whatever it was, it managed to say, “No, thank you,” for 1,868 consecutive days. Then it keeled over. An isopod that determined deserves the name “giant.”
    Rest in peace, “No. 1.

  6. Japanese netizen teaches us how to make awesome sausage isopods for bento lunches
    RocketNews24 | 2014/05/28
    typical bento lunches in Japan almost always involve things like rice, vegetables, fish, fried chicken, and potato salad. You name it, if it’s decent food it’s in there, and very often crafted into some cute character or artistic arrangement by a loving parent or spouse.
    Today, thanks to a Twitter user in Japan, we’re going to learn how to turn the humble wiener or cocktail sausage into something far cooler: a mini version of a giant isopod.

    twitter.com/yoshida_xxx …

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