Toshinori Muto of Japan tees off Cthulhu?

Toshinori Muto of Japan quickly tees off before the dread Sand Cthulhu has His Evil Way with the hapless Japanese golfer.

strange japanese golfer tentacle

On the first day of the New Zealand PGA Championship Toshinori Muto of Japan tees off at The Hills Golf Club in Queenstown on Feb. 28th, 2013. The Otago Daily Times reported that Muto (34) said, said-openthe views at The Hills are completely alien to Japanese-based golferssaid-closed (Otago Daily Times Online News | March 1, 2013).

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4 thoughts on “Toshinori Muto of Japan tees off Cthulhu?”

  1. Golf or Tentacle Sex, you make the call.

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