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I double-dare you to watch this Japanese dish

Here’s a fun Japanese restaurant is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo where a live bullfrog gets to stare at you as you eat it.

Live Frog sashimi

Ok, ok, while eating live fish sashimi (especially eating jumping live shrimp–odori ebi–”dancing” shrimp) is quite common in Japan, this is perhaps Japan’s only eat-a-live-wiggling-frog restaurant. Check out the restaurant’s review other delicacies like raw pig uterus, sashimi of pig testicles, and their dread “Whatnot.”


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8 Responses to “I double-dare you to watch this Japanese dish”

  1. 韓国人が死ぬ! Says:


  2. Taro Says:

    Translation of above:
    The name of the place is “Morning Start” (morning glory).
    Even the name is sucks.
    Management is Korean. Most of the customers also are Korean.

    It’s not a Korean restaurant and doesn’t have Korean foods on the menu. The owners featured in the video are native speakers of Japanese and must have been born in Japan. The only thing remotely Korean about the place is that the restaurant’s name is characteristic of the alternative name of Korea, “Morning Calm”, so maybe the owners are of Korean ancestry.

  3. Beavis Says:


  4. Nope Says:


  5. MARKed TRAIL via email Says:

    Here’s the new “Nope.”
    new nope animation

  6. Anatidaephobia Says:

    Damn you,
    Now I’m just going to have to sit here and think about kittens and puppies for the next few minutes and hope I can forget I ever saw that video.

  7. 'Froggie' via Taro Says:

    How many frogs does it take to make a handbag? Tokyo museum has the answer
    —Tucked away in Tokyo is a little trafficked museum that houses bags from the world over. It is an unexpected reminder of how much more than a bag a piece of luggage can be.—
    The Christian Science Monitor / March 3, 2013
    The World Bags and Luggage Museum is home to the personal collection of the owner of Japan's Ace luggage company (the world's first producer of nylons bags). It houses more than 400 examples of handbags, travel bags, and trunks made from everything from Zebra to frog.more....

  8. Coligny Says:

    … eat-a-live-wiggling-frog …

    NOPE, no clicky… no way…

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