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Let’s ‘la farfa’ fat! — Japan’s new fashionable fatties

Thanks to wonders of goofy Google Translate, we can learn of Japan’s new fashion fatties in the debut/debut vs debu - pun on the japanese word for fat of the niche magazine, “la farfa.”
Why can some chubby woman be popular, while others are not?
What makes the difference?

Weekly SPA! | 2012/Mar/18
{WARNING: This link contains NSFW advertising.}
(Giga-goofy Google Translate)quoter leftIn Japan, both men and women have thought that a person cannot be both popular and fatThat may be changed with the recent launch of ‘la farfa‘ fashion magazine for larger women. In that new magazine interviewed Ms. Habayashi*, a 103kg, self-proclaimed ‘Love Counselor,’ who said that, ‘a decade ago, men who professed plump love were treated as fetishists. However, in recently men can easily say that they like a woman plumpmorequoter right


Linked to the Weekly SPA story were screenshots of a Japanese TV program showing the results of a survey of 100 people revealing that “chubby” popularity has overwhelmingly increased—88 to 12.
SPA magazine went on to say that women being, “plump, proud and popular” has become, “rampant in society” and that this could be, “evidence of reverse brainwashing by the media in recent years



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8 Responses to “Let’s ‘la farfa’ fat! — Japan’s new fashionable fatties”

  1. Taro 3Yen Says:

    *In case you were wondering, here’s a photo of Plump-Proud-&-Popular Ms. Habayashi.


  2. derpus maximus Says:

    Looking at Ms. Habayashi’s photo, I’ve gotta say:
    Fucking fat and “chubby” have very different meanings.

  3. MrUltimateGaijin Says:

    The more fat people there are, the higher the 好き will go up.

  4. Joe Zoo Says:

    I knew this skinny black guy in the Navy and he had this BIG fat bottom Japanese girlfriend that he met down in Roppongi. They were inseparable and eventually they got hitched. Go figure.

  5. Bob Harris Says:

    “For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.”

  6. 宇宙ツイッタラーX Says:


  7. Mr. T Says:

    Yow, this slipped into my twitter feed as a retweet!


  8. Taro Says:

    Jeebus! Her Mons looks like a Mon Calamari Cruiser!


    Look at the blubber on that one!

    better yet…


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