‘SMILE’ for a dentally-challenged sport and nation

Friend of the 3Yen, Mulboyne reports that the new nickname for Japan’s women’s Olympic ice hockey team has been unveiled.
Amusingly for such a dentally-challenged sport as hockey, the team’s new name is “Smile Japan.”

team smile japan ice hockey
Yomiuri.co.jp/sports in Japanese—goofy Google Translate


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2 thoughts on “‘SMILE’ for a dentally-challenged sport and nation”

  1. Taro – have you been naughty with photoshop again and removed teeth from their smiles?

    You are a cheeky monkey.

  2. GG wrote:
    Taro, you been naughty with photoshop again

    I’m just gearing up for my High Holy Day—April’s Fools.

    (My father played professional hockey—he and his hockey buddies used to scare the bejeezus out me when I was a toddler when they took out their dental appliances.)

    Anyway, here’s another photo of the unveiling of team “SMILE JAPAN.”


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