Moment of silence please for the Tokyo…

RIP tokyo metro manner man
Please, let’s now have a moment of silence.

I am deeply saddened to say that a long-time contributer to the 3Yen, the Tokyo Metro Manners Man, who has been featured for years in posters promoting better subway behavior, has disappeared and is presumed lost after taking a train spotting vacation.

Over the years, the 3Yen has featured the trials and tribulations of the long-suffering Metro Manners Man as shown below.


Shown below is the first poster of the Tokyo Metro’s new manners campaign featuring this year’s catchy slogan, “MANNER FART*,” which is similar to the old slogan of Tokyo Gas Company, “MY CITY, MY GAS” (3Yen / 2008-09-24).

metro manners 2013 April
Click to view the original poster that this parody was based upon.

*Note: The original Metro poster reads manner-heart (Manner heart) but manner-fart (Manner fart) sounds more euphonious doesn’t it?

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