Seagal punks Putin

Putin Seagal Summit

Last month the 3Yen’s covered Japan’s homeboy*, Steven Seagal hanging out with Russian President Vladimir Putin (3Yen / 2013-03-15). →

Now additional photos have surfaced from that Seagal-Putin Summit held early last March. Here’s Seagal putting “bunny ears” on Putin at that Russian martial arts photo-op. ↓

seagal punks putin

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10 thoughts on “Seagal punks Putin”

  1. I think ol Stevie boy needs to get back to Japan and back in the dojo to lose some freaking weight! Dayyum!

  2. Looking at these photos, I’ve realized Mr. Seagull has extended his links to the mystical, inscrutable Orient by developing more Chins than a Chinese phone book.

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