Japan’s newest Shuttlecraft launched!

Kyødø FauxNews / 2013Apr04
Tajima Motor Corporation, a maker of racing cars, unveils in Shizuoka, central Japan, a prototype shelter made of fiber-reinforced plastic that can accommodate up to twenty people in the event of a space storms (or earthquake-tsunami).

—via Floating tsunami shelter | Kyødø News | Photograghs

On the official website of Tajima Motor Corporation (goofy Google Translate) we can learn that inside of the rescue “SAFE+” shuttlecraft is equipped with the all-important karaoke disaster countermeasures.

Shizuoka Prefectural Governor, Heita Kawakatsu and Soichiro Fukutake, president of Benesse Corp., test drive prototype No. 1 of the SAFE+ rescuecraft.

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4 thoughts on “Japan’s newest Shuttlecraft launched!”

  1. “that can accommodate up to twenty people in the event of a nuclear war with the DPRK…”

    I think you meant to write: “that can accommodate up to twenty Japanese people in the event…”


    ばいばい → (^_^)/~

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