Pay to smell Iron Man in Japan

iron man retro rockets I’m sure that everyone wants to pay to smell Iron Man’s retro rockets when it debuts in Japan, right?

Iron Man 3 to Get Smell-Enhanced Screenings in Japan | 04.17.13
Iron Man 3 in smell-o-visionthe film will be shown in a theater in Nagoya in 4DX. This “fourth dimension” experience will offer wind, fog, tilting seats, and odor effects. It’s unclear exactly what the smells themselves will be [but it] will cost an additional 1,300 yen (about $13) on top of the regular ticket price for 3-D filmsmore...

With the 3-D IMAX ticket price of 2,200 to 2,500 yen, plus the additional “4-D” fee of 1,300 yen, the total ticket cost here in Japan to see smell-o-vision Iron Man 3 will be 3,500 to 3,800 yen or about $36 to 39 USD!

PRIOR ARTPay to Smell Shit“…
Polyester Odorama card..
is the original Scratch ‘n’ Sniff, ODORAMA Card
from the John Waters film classic, Polyester (1981).

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5 thoughts on “Pay to smell Iron Man in Japan”

  1. I can pretty much guarantee whoever attends the same theater as me is going to be able to enjoy some sort of malevolent odor whose relevance to the story on screen is guaranteed to be purely coincidental…

  2. I can’t wait until the re-release of Blazing Saddles in this 4-D. BEANS!

  3. Multisensory Version of Iron Man 3 in Japan Is a Gimmicky Waste of $28 miilion | 2013April30
    It must have looked great on paper. People like movies. People like amusement park rides. Why not show people a movie in an motorized seat? Better still, why not throw in smoke machines and fans and turn the movie-going experience into a two-hour ride? Yet the so-called 4DX experience, which debuted in Nagoya, Japan last weekend at a showing of Iron Man 3, is a drag.
    the experience is fundamentally flawed because it interferes with the simple act of watching a film. A 3-D film can often seem a little blurry thanks to the layered images, but it’s even blurrier when your head is shaking back and forth. The action sequences, the ones you ostensibly came to see in 3-D on a big screen, are nearly impossible to appreciate thanks to all the constant, jarring seat motions. The only time I did appreciate the 3-D was when during the squirting effects. At least then then glasses kept the water out of my eyes
    the 4DX managed to interfere with the basic logistics of consuming snacks or drinks. When the aforementioned effects-introduction began, my soda was nearly launched into the next row. Rather than risk an embarrassing spill, I decided to just scarf it all down in-between action scenes.
    On an even simpler level, 4DX means there’s nowhere to put your stuff. The seats move up and down so much it’s too risky to leave anything bigger than an umbrella under your feet. Anything in your lap is a potential projectile, meaning you cling to it for dear life or kiss it goodbye. It’s like flying through turbulence without the courtesy of an overhead compartment or even a seat pocket.

  4. What’s with the Japanese and being sprayed in the face with fluids and their sniff fetish?

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