The ‘Ninja’ Vending Machine returns!

Instantaneous Vending-Machine Skirt
The Ninja Vending Machine (3Yen / 2007-10-20) has long been a one of the most popular reports on the 3Yen (see also, 3Yen / 2005-09-24 ).

So, you can imagine my surprise upon seeing the creator of vending machine disguise, Aya Tsukioka, has joined with LINE Co., Ltd. and the high tech printing company, Toyo Ink Co., Ltd., to produce custom clothing. By using a color-matching iPhone app (details below) and taking a picture of the background the artist, Ms. Tsukioka, was able to create many clothing “disguises”, which you can view in our Comments section and in the original Japanese report at (Google Translate).

bookstore-disguise apanese bookstore disguise girl
View more in the Comments…

As explained in the giga-goofy Google Translate of the report:
This could be an essential item for people who want to hide at work…
…by scanning the background colors of a scene you have examined with the TUBUCOLOR iPhone app, it is possible for anyone to hide—Try it in your workplace by all means.
Learn more about the TUBUCOLOR application that you can use to examine and extract the colors of any background, which you can downloaded from here.

Other articles about using the TUBUCOLOR app are here.

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