Japan’s Abenomics is uplifting!

uplifting bra full-sized for japan

Japan’s new “Abenomics” policy to spur hyperinflation: It Lifts and Separates the electorate…

Japan hopes for a lift from “Abenomics” bra
Reuters / May 8, 2013
The Japanese division of lingerie maker Triumph International unveiled on Wednesday an “Abenomics” bra, a special edition it says offers a “growth strategy” and a potential lift towards Japan's elusive inflation targetmore

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3 thoughts on “Japan’s Abenomics is uplifting!”

  1. I love this logical line in the bra report:

    “We hope that, as the Japanese economy grows, we can also help bust sizes to get bigger,” said Triumph spokeswoman Keiko Masuda.
    Yahoo! News .

  2. 世界のため。 とか たまには「良い嘘」言ってほしいね。 福島原発汚染水で来週中に抜本策概要 政府、五輪招致へ影響配慮(産経新聞) For all the world I want to say it’s, “Good lie!” once in a while.
    Fukushima nuclear power plant contaminated water within the next week drastic measure Overview government, to influence consideration Olympics bid (Sankei Shimbun)

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