Robo rim job at REMM Hotel in Akihabara

Here’s a real Pacific Rim job—the robot reception at the REMM Hotel in the high-tech, otaku district of Tokyo’s Akihabara…


said-openGreetings from REMM Hotel Akihabara!said-closed according to the wonders of goofy Google robo-Translate, which goes not to say that:
said-openWith these twin “Gemini” robots, the REEM Hotel is planning many robots visiting the hotel as part of an experiment lasting into the Spring.said-closed
The Hankyu-Hanshin-Daiichi Hotel Group further explains:
said-openThis new edition to the is based on the idea of better, more comfortable sleep—Come and visit us!!said-closed

Check out the hotel’s English website at: REMM Akihabara.

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EMIEW robot

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One thought on “Robo rim job at REMM Hotel in Akihabara”

  1. I, Robot Hotelier. | Friday, 17th May 2013 by Roland Wildberg
    In the lobby of the REMM hotel in Tokyo Akihabara there stands a little man dressed in white plastic’s and gazes at everybody who comes with a suitcase in hand through the door. It wobbles on the potential guests to welcome them and quacks a “Welcome!” to them (actually not only in Japanese but also in English).
    If they have not run away in panic until now, they then can ask Gemini, so the robot’s name, questions about the hotel or even popular landmarks in Tokyo. “Where is the reception?” is one of the 700 questions, which Gemini does know….more…

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