Japanese woman wants to give birth to a shark

japanese wants to birth a cute little shark

The Woman Who Wants to Give Birth to a Shark
Vice.com | 2013May17
the human uterus is just the right size to hold one fetus. I've been speaking to a gynaecologist about ways of making it bigger. I believe humans could use their uterus as an aquarium or incubator
We don’t need any more humans, there are too many already as it is. Mostly, it’s a way of preserving endangered species...more...


Also check out her previous piscine projects including:

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I am sure if the artist Ai Hasegawa (not to be confused with the bimbo, Hasegawa Ai, the Japanese ‘idol’) is really into modifying her uterus to carry sea creatures to term, I am sure the Deep Ones of the Cthulhu Mythos (Wiki) will oblige her as the 3Yen has covered in in our reports of…
   —Cthulhu’s minions foiled (3Yen / 2012-07-09
   —Solar lantern of the Cthulhu Mythos (3Yen / 2011-07-11)
   —Call of Cthulhu in Tokyo (3Yen / 2007-01-06)

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12 thoughts on “Japanese woman wants to give birth to a shark”

  1. Saw that movie… most disturbing pr0n ever…
    Couldn’t fap at all. nor sleep in the dark for a full month…
    alien image from film

  2. I wonder why Hasegawa-san is wearing a semi-fake “Miko” costume—a virginal Shrine Maiden kimono–in her salmon birthing video?
    Mothers in Japanese births are normally naked or lightly covered with a sheet. They never would wear a red and white kimono (traditional wear in the hospital or resting-at-home would be a white coton yukata with a blue print or light pink yukata).


  3. from the Vice.com interview of Ai Hasegawa…
    I still want to give life, I don’t want 30 years of painful menstruation to have all been in vain. And I want to eat good meatThey’re endangered, their life-span is almost as long as that of a human, and most importantly, they’re delicious.”

    This is the best bat-shit crazy Japanese reasoning, EVAR.

  4. Presumably vaginal intercourse during the pregnancy would not be advisable.

  5. Please Taro, I really need more info about having trans-species babies. I’ve long been trying to find the answer and since you say you’re a ‘quadruped alien’, could give me help, hee, hee.

  6. Must be One of the Deep Ones’ youngings…you can tell, can’t you….


    the crayon drawings on the wall give it all away….. :D

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