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Osaka Japan to provide downtown sewer swimming

osaka canal jumpers
Last year we told you all about Osaka’s sewer swimming in our report: ‘Dive Dotonbori’ (3Yen 2012Mar24).

As shown on the left, folks in Osaka Japan love to jump off the downtown Dotonbori bridge into the toxic slime of the canal to celebrate the wins of the local baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers.

Osaka takes plunge with canal pool
The Japan Times | 2013/05/22
getting roaring drunk and jumping, or falling, into Dotonbori Canal after either a Hanshin Tigers victory or a wild night out in neighboring Shinsaibashi will be less risky, healthwiseplans are moving forward to build an 800-meter-long swimming pool in the heart of the canalthe world’s largest outdoor swimming poolmore

improved sewer swimming canal downtown osaka japan

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7 Responses to “Osaka Japan to provide downtown sewer swimming”

  1. Osakadave Says:

    Seems like just another case of sanitizing away the grubby charm of Osaka in a long line of attempts to clean up the place and turn it into just another sterile, characterless Japanese city.

  2. Taro 3Yen Says:

    Here are a couple of better artist renderings of the proposed pool in the Osaka sewer.

  3. Reddit replies Says:

    Two funny Reddit replies:

    I heard the water will heal cancer!

    Kind of. It gives your cancer, cancer.

  4. someothergaijin Says:

    As if the drunken masses need another reason to take the nightly plunge!

  5. Taro Says:

    Glico Man neon sign Dotonbori oska japan
    Osaka ought to go upscale in Dotonbori’s sewer swimming and change the iconic Glico Runner on the canal with this by Black Rhombie…

  6. Mulboyne Says:


  7. Taro Says:

    Osaka’s failed Dotonbori sewer swimming plans are “inhanced” by changes to the iconic Glico Runner on the canal (sewer)…


    Glico unveils new lame runner billboard
    Kyodo News International October 23, 2014 (GlobalPost)
    Instead of neon bulbs, the sixth Glico runner billboard since 1935 employs around 140,000 boring energy-efficient LEDs…continues…

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