Japan’s homeboy©, Steven Seagal, dances a lame lezginka.

Japan’s homeboy© and reincarnated tulka holy man, Steven Seagal, dances a lame lezginka and parties with the strongman of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov (Wiki).

Click for the dancing.
Steven Seagal dance lezginka dancing

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    VICE.com Spring 2013
    The VICE magazine report by Jamie Lee Curtis Taete lists and explains in amusing detail the following faux-pas of Seagal:

  2. He makes wacko “poonani” music.
  3. He’s a compulsive liar
  4. He poops on himself in public.
  5. He runs like Phoebe from Friends
  6. He killed a couple of puppies and 112 chickens on his reality show.
  7. He’s said to have employed sex slaves.
  8. He takes himself serious.
  9. He has his own brand of a super-crappy energy drink.
  10. His freaky-fake hair is a joke.
  11. He has a bulletproof kimono.
  12. _________________
    Read more at VICE magazine

  13. Mo’ betta than Seagal dancing is…

    Movie star Steven Seagal tells of briefs encounter when Scots fans threw knickers at him
    –MARTIAL arts maestro is back on road with his blues band and set to play The Ferry in Glasgow next week.–
    Daily Record / July 12, 2014
    TOUGH guy movie star Steven Seagal says he’s ready to return to the venue where female Scots fans threw their knickers at him.
    The Hollywood movie superstar is back on the road with his blues band and is lined up to play a gig at The Ferry in Glasgow.
    Seagal, 62, last played the venue in 2007 and received a surprise underwear attack.
    He said: “Panties were thrown on stage. That was OK. If the girls want to throw their panties, that’s fine. I’m honoured and grateful that the fine women of Glasgow would want to thrown their panties at me.
    “As long as they’re not triple X porno panties or anything too exotic, I can handle it."
    panty tales seagal

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