Japan’s cross between Amanda Bynes, Snooki & a big bag of crazy

The “Black Diamond gals” has been around Shibuya for several years*, but I love this “bag of crazy” headline.


*Last year (2012/Nov/24) tokyofashion.com reported on how Japan’s Black Diamond Gals Champion a Kuro Gyaru Subculture Revival. That report went on to say that:
said-openTen years ago, their dark tans—several Black Diamond members actually work at tanning salonscontinues... said-closed

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7 thoughts on “Japan’s cross between Amanda Bynes, Snooki & a big bag of crazy”

  1. This is why the Shadow UN should control everything the Japanese do.

    I mostly blame the Lizard People. The Black Diamonds would never have happened and the gays would not be allowed to force us to marry turtles and ducks, which we must all do now. It’s mostly my fault. While you’re crying, weeping, and having sex with a duck because Hello Kitty forced you to, please remember that it’s really all my fault.

    I am truly sorry for Japan.

  2. Warty McDouchenozzle wrote: “…rant, rave, rant Shadow UN rant, rave, rant Lizard People rant, rave, rant duck sex rant, rave, rant …”

    Huh? WTF was that all about?

  3. Never, and I repeat, never underestimate the power, the beauty, and the pride and glory of the Japanese Gyaru!

  4. Wow….it’s like most of the other dress “trends” here though, fuglies desperate for attention…just not too concerned with the type of attention. Ten bucks says this makes it to JAV by next month though.

  5. Black Diamond wants to take over the world….

    The Ganguro insurgency has risen again like a Dark Phoenix…wanting to inspire 109 Booya Fashion trends once again upon the sleeping, unsuspecting world…now in the guise of Kuro Gal, they are planning to storm the tanning salons and make everybody go To The Darkside….Dreaming Daddy Cthulhu must be quaking in His bed having his nightmares usurped by this invasion! Just in time for Hello Ween! :D

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