You wanna wear misspelt Japanese tattoo reading ‘IDIOT!’?

You have to laugh at foreigners wearing misspelled Japanese tattoos (3Yen / 2010-10-11), this Japanese fashion model, Miki Matsumura, sure got punked with her new prison-quality tattoo…
Miki-Matsumura scalp head tattoo
larger photos of her fashion-victim tattoos on the original Japanese website, modelpress (goofy Google Translate).

In case you were wondering, Ms. Matsumura’s ankle tattoo reading “s Xx” is just a creative misspelling of ‘sex.’ The other word “AoHaUoL!” is correctly written ‘aho—あほ’ and appropriately means’idiot‘ in Japanese—Truth in advertising.

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4 thoughts on “You wanna wear misspelt Japanese tattoo reading ‘IDIOT!’?”

  1. Here are some REAL Japanese tattoos (but the wearers are still a joke).

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