It’s not Hello Kitty’s train stop…

This is not exactly Hello Kitty’s train station..
white space is good for the soul…but it should be.

pink train station japan

According to a goofy Google Translate of the AsahiNews (June 6, 2013):
white space is good for the soul
said-openThe train station near Ouchi town in Tottori Prefecture was redesigned in pink. It’s an attempt to be a ‘monument of the heart and love.’ It is surrounded by trees and hidden from the national highway—The unmanned station averages two visitors day. said-closed

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6 thoughts on “It’s not Hello Kitty’s train stop…”

  1. Choko wrote:
    nothin’ says love like love hotel pink!

    Do you mean like my 1962 Cadillac Coupe de VILE [sic], the HELLO KITTY SPECIAL EDITION?

    1962 cadillac coupe de ville Hello Kitty

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