Here are a few “racy” Japanese fashion victims spotted in the news…
gettyimages.c0m | 2013-June16: Race Queens of Japan’s TeamSubaru BRZ GT entertain their fans during the Summernats Exhibition at Malaysia Japan GT Super Series at Sepang International Circuit…

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4 thoughts on “Racy”

  1. Aren’t my lovelies beautiful? Don’t you wish you had run away from life and joined all us race queens on the Japan GT Super Series?

  2. Both heterosexual and homosexual sodomy is prohibited by law in Malaysia. Punishments include up to twenty years in prison and/or fines and flogging. wiwki

  3. TokaiTelevision, which also produced the previous drama, is no doubt enjoying the notoriety. They advertized the fact that they had racy scenes on their official Twitter.

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