Japan’s nursing-care robots for elderly…again

Just make damn sure that Bear-bot is unplugged before the grandkids come over to visit.

bear-bot in japan robot

Abe Cabinet moving toward promoting Nursing robots for elderly
halojepang.com (Kyodo Press) 12 June 2013
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government has allocated 2.39 billion yen in the budget for fiscal 2013 to help develop nursing care robots and spread their use. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry chose last month 24 companies that will receive subsidies covering half to two-thirds of the cost of developing what it calls “nursing care robot equipment.”

Sadly, these nursing care robots of the RIKEN Institute have been around forever. RIBA-II, the care-giving Teddy Bear (3Yen.com / 2011-08-03) shown above has been in development for a long time without any the bear-bots going into practical use in nursing homes and hospitals.

The 3Yen first reported years ago about the predecessor of the RIBA, the RI-MAN robot in: Stroke my soft machine(3Yen / 2006-03-01)

Click to play RI-MAN.
please hold-up that woman video nagoya riken
RIKEN Institute, Nagoya
: said-openPlease hold-up that woman.said-closed

Couple of the other Bear-bot reports on the 3Yen were:
. . . Bear-bot that reads your tweets (3Yen.com / 2011-01-26)
. . . Robo-teddy vs Alzheimer’s (3Yen.com / 2010-10-08 )

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