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Japan’s Rainy Season can get hinky

Right now the rain is coming down hard in Tokyo so I thought I would post something apropos for the Rainy Season…

Embiggen to a closeup, 531×640 px.

Titled “Ginza Rain,” the illustration above is a detail from the cover of Showa Magazine—the July 1951 issue of that short novel magazine. Oddly in the background, the writing on the neon ads in the background is reversed.
rainy ginza tokyo showa magazine cover 1951


Speaking of clothing more useless than Japanese rain coats for Labrador Retrievers (3Yen 2007-07-15)….
….check out, said-openDO YOU KNOW WHAT A GAY RAINCOAT IS? said-closed at Gay Raincoats: P0rn’s Most Searched Words ( / 2013 June 06) where you can also learn about the mysteries of “ASMR naked” and “ASMR bang fest.”


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5 Responses to “Japan’s Rainy Season can get hinky”

  1. YouTuber Says:

    The original buzzfeed article can be found at:

  2. Yuumi via email Says:

    The version of the Ginza raincoat that I posted is better even if it is “backwards,” isn’t it?
    see-through raincoat-ginza

  3. @TokyoFashion's twitter Says:

    Click to play 14-sec., instagram video.
    TokyoFashion Rainy Day

    Rainy today on Takeshita Dori – Instagram Video
    — Tokyo Fashion (@TokyoFashion) June 26, 2013

  4. @ShoJun1111's twitter Says:

    Via goofy GoogleTranslate…
    Ha, ha, ha… I also want to do it this respect too Arashikku ze best male
    raincoat-freaks japan

  5. Taro Says:

    A Japanese raincoat of an Orientalist flavor…

    “MAKI” by Japan Diaries (more)

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