Magician levitates Japanese girls from the side of a London bus

From the side of a London double-decker bus, the magician Dynamo ‘levitates’ Japanese tourists making them squeal in traditional Japanese girlie fashion as you can see at the 23-second point of the video below…
magician dynamo levitates japanese girls from london bus..

How magician Dynamo levitated on a London bus
Herald Sun — / June 26, 2013
After footage showing him to be “hovering” on the side of a double-decker bus hit the headlinesall seems fairly legit, as he rises above the ground and levitates, holding onto the bus as it rides along the streets
So, how’d he do it?it’s fairly simple, really.
the secret…

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7 thoughts on “Magician levitates Japanese girls from the side of a London bus”

  1. There’s no “trick.” He is obviously standing on the back of an invisible elephant.

  2. You are stupid, because it is obviously a huge acrobatic pyramid of hamsters running inside an invisible elephant suit.

  3. This is the first I’ve heard of Dynamo, but with an accent like that, shouldn’t he be at home guzzling down pints and beating the shit out of his wife?

  4. Viewers of the magician’s TV show are used to seeing him perform surreal stunts, but fans who travelling in the bus for the stunt in partnership with the drink Pepsi Max looked on in amazement.

  5. Insane magician he is becoming a “Dynamo.” He keeps innovating and comes with new tricks. Of course it is all fake and impossible, but still he manages to impress the whole world every time. —on this site you see the whole series of Dynamo and a lot more movies!

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