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One Japanese ‘Schoolgirl Fantasy’

cross-dressing schoolgirl sailor uncle growhair

Dressed in schoolgirl’s uniform, “GrowHair” has become has an Internet phenomenon in Japan over the past five years, and he’s a regular sight in Tokyo’s über-trendy Harajuku/Shibuya district.

japanese schoolgirls old uncle

According the website dedicated to him (Google Translate):
said-openGrowHair enjoys walking the streets wearing a sailor-suit school uniform where he is widely known as ‘Sailor Uncle.’ In born 1962, his real name is Hideaki Kobayashi and he has master’s degree in Mathematics from the prestigious Waseda University [Japan's equivalent of Stanford or MIT]. He works as an image-processing software engineer at a printing company.said-closed

Be sure to click on the Youtube’s “Caption” button and turn on the engrish captions in the video.

japanese schoolgirl fantasy old man

View Part 2 at:

japanese tip of the hat

• Link via Drop Dead Cute (2013-June-26):
My Schoolgirl Fantasy (Not What You Think!)

• Story idea thanks to Yuki Rinkya (@rinkya)’s twitter.


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6 Responses to “One Japanese ‘Schoolgirl Fantasy’”

  1. Wanky via email Says:

    Looking through Sailor Uncle’s huge photo collection can get a bit creepy at times

    Sailor Uncle vs japanese schoolgirl
    Sailor Uncle on picasaweb

  2. Coligny Says:

    Did he do pr0n ? look better than 170% of the male actors… (except that guy always boning Eririka Kitagiri… if you read this, 3 some anytime dude…)

  3. Taro 3Yen Says:

    3 some anytime dude

    How about a 3-and-then-some dood?


  4. Mr. T (via email) Says:

    I just wanna know when Japanese schoolgirls going to change to their winter uniforms?

    New Uniform For Senior Students

  5. massiv Object 279 Says:

    Sailor Uncle and Lady Beard in their “natural” environment.


    Learn more about them in these interviews:
       • セーラー服おじさん aka Sailor Uncle (
       • Ladybeard ( 2014/03/08)

  6. J.A.F.O. Says:

    セーラー服おじさん (aka Sailor Uncle*) …

    Must have been hard times for Pat Morita before he passed.

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