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Creepy ‘Kumamon’ mascot gets crazier

sign with hole for ones head
For decades Japan has been crawling with headhunters!
That is, thousands of tourist destinations in Japan have these signboards with face cut-outs for taking pictures called Kaodashi(3Yen 2009-09-11).
However, the krazy Kumamon*, Japan’s No. 1 loose-character mascot has taken these ‘face-in-hole’ boards to a higher level.


Read more about the Japanese Culture of Kaohame-Kaodashi ( | 2012/09/19).

{lit. ‘loose character’ or ‘floppy mascot’}


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12 Responses to “Creepy ‘Kumamon’ mascot gets crazier”

  1. Taro 3Yen Says:

    WOT!? That Kumamon isn’t wacky enough for you?
    Check out the previous post on the 3Yen:

    Japanese panic disordered characters in the kitchen

    (3Yen / 2012-11-04)

  2. MARKed TRAIL via email Says:

    This Kumamon snapshot is better!
    All for the Glory of Satan

  3. Taro 3Yen Says:

    This one of Kumamon is even better.

    kumamon breast love
    Kumamon fondles a breast.
    kenY/N —

  4. MARKed TRAIL via email Says:

    The Kumamon hype just gets bigger and bigger…

    white space is good for the soul When Hello Kitty Met Pedobear: The Kumamon Craze | 2013 July 08
    Japan’s Kumamon is taking the rest of the world by storm.
    The mascot of the high speed train of Kumamoto City (”kumamon” means “bear thing” in Japanese) was launched in 2010 and is now a fixture of Japanese culture as well as an increasing number of branding and marketing campaigns. It’s only the most popular anthropomorphized mascot in Japan’s robust history of anthropomorphized mascots. But don’t confuse Kumamon for Pedobear, another of Japan’s popular kuma exports. Japan has a rich history of cartoon mascots that seems partial to bears...more…


  5. Rinkya's FB page Says:

    Kumamon, don’t do it!

    kumamon don't do it
    Embiggen to 720 × 405 px.

  6. ryulongd's tumblr Says:

    a fucking Baccarat crystal Kumamon
    ryulongd’s tumblr


    — 11cm tall 39,900 yen…more via Kumamon’s official Facebook page

  7. Ryulong'd tumblr reposted Says:

    This is the worst hentai ever.

    —via Ryulong’d tumblr

  8. Mr. T (via email) Says:

    Didn’t you notice the similarity between Kumamon and Buddy Christ?

    Separated at birth?
    kumamon eyeballing         buddy-christ
              Kumamon vs Buddy Christ
  9. Taro Says:

    ‘Kumamon effect’ generates ¥124.4 bil.
    December 27, 2013 | Jiji Press
    “Kumamon,” the black bear mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture, generated economic effects worth ¥124.4 billion in the two years through October, the Bank of Japan’s Kumamoto branch estimated
    The effects of Kumamon’s popularity on the prefecture’s economy have proved substantial in terms of their extent and cost-effectiveness, the branch saidmore

    Run Kumamon, run!

  10. くまモンFAN Says:

    said-openany spot can be a napping spot with enough creativitysaid-closed
    Kumamon FAN | 29 March 2014


    via くまモンFAN

  11. Taro Says:

    The battle of mecha-Titans….
       Funasshii vs Kumamon

      •Krazy Kumamon, Japan’s No. 1 loose-character mascot
         (3Yen / 2013-07-07)
      •Funasshii elected as Japan’s № 1 mascot
        ( / 2013-07-07)

  12. ozAntinnippon Says:

    Ubiquitous YADA!

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