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Mutant giant Japanese kids on the loose!

LOOK OUT! There’re giant mutant kids with gojira on the loose

Japanese kids with godzilla

Godzilla, Fukushima vegetables, and Japanese children are are all mutating at increasingly alarming rates if Korean Netcitizens are to be believed.

According to Den4, the 3Yen’s correspondent at large, said-openLet’s mutant panicking!said-closed
That is, Den4 reports that (2013July16) ↓:

Two years after nuclear disaster,
Japan spawns freaky fruits and veggies

mutant-veggies (2013July16)

And, it seems like the Koreans are having a blast with the news… ..

screaming-alien-pepper / 2012-06-06:

Just vegging out … in Japan of course


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4 Responses to “Mutant giant Japanese kids on the loose!”

  1. BB quoted Says:

    They are growing that shit like crazy here in Fukushima prefecture… the moment JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives) sent out notice about the government bidding for everyone to plant more… the plants went in the ground.. and I said to my wife…. WHAT THE FUCK!?…

  2. MARKed TRAIL via email Says:

    Me? I landed that sweet job at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.
    And how about you, Doctor Smith? How have you been doing?
    Lost in Space veggie mutant

  3. Faces in Things Says:


    Goya, the smiling alien veggie

  4. Taro Says:

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