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Unborn children are models in Japan

In sort of an extreme sort of pedophilia, unborn children are being made into models in Japan…3-D models that is.
For a mere $1000, expectant parents can get a rubbery replica of their fetus’ face generated from a ultrasound photo of their unborn child, and then made into a creepy 3-D printout.

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Pregnant Moms See Unborn Children as 3D Models
WSYX ABC6 News – July 18, 2013
At a cost of between five-hundred and 1000 US dollars, it is an expensive process, but the company producing them says demand is soaring….Hiroo Women’s clinic in Tokyo, which is affiliated with 3D printing company Fasotec…gets a 3D model of the baby the ultrasound image has to be of the best quality. Sohda explains: “To be able to get the best images of the baby’s face, takes a bit of art (and) skill

Visit the Fatotec website for all the creepy details on how to get baby’s rubber head, or better yet, a fetus fob for your cellphone or keychain (shown below).

“Shape of an Angel” Accessories


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4 Responses to “Unborn children are models in Japan”

  1. Taro 3Yen Says:

    Is the fetus fob not fun enough for you?
    How about a tasteful Fetus-in-a-Box®?

  2. GG quoted Says:

    OK – that is just creepy!!

  3. FredaMiddleton Says:

    I have a hard time believing anyone with a education that’s post middle school would actually believe that is what a 12 week unborn baby looks like. If people are swayed to the PL position solely because of that photo, they are lacking intelligence and pose no threat to abortion legality. I'm PL. That photo is creepy and the people behind it might be well intentioned, but are coming across as very, very foolish.

  4. Says:

    3-D bad. 2-D good.
    via some NSFW Japanese blog

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