J-Idol ‘shooms

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Posing with a some sort of creepy mushroom mascot…
Sayaka Yamamoto of the all-female Japanese idol group NMB48 (Wiki) a AKB48 spinoff group has been showing off her talents at dasakawaii fashion—a combination of dasai (unstylish) and kawaii (cutesy-cute) as described great detail and additional photos by the semi-NSFW Sankakucomplex.com.

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4 thoughts on “J-Idol ‘shooms”

  1. AKB48-mushroom-heads

    Maybe that’s the DoCoMo yuru-chara ‘shoom since all AKB members have mushroomheads!

  2. A “Nameko ” mascot photo op is coming!
    Meet Nameko at the Yamashiroya Toy Shop on 5th, 6th—Details at Yamashiroya.com (Google Translate)

    nameko little
    次は14時から♡ 【なめこ撮影会開催!】「ヤマシロヤになめこがやって来る!」 <4月5日、6日 12時/14時/16時 1階店頭> http://t.co/coD0UpFKz3 ヤマシロヤ1階売場03-3831-2402 pic.twitter.com/D0Te9bt0yf— ヤマシロヤ (@toy_yamashiroya) April 5, 2014

  3. It actually happened a while ago, but I only just saw a reference to it and I thought you should all be made aware.

    AKB48 was made illegal in Japan in 2012


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