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Japan’s bandaid solution to illegal downloading of music

The Recording Industry Association of Japan—the RIAJ—has come up with a literal bandaid solution to illegal downloading of music and media. Check out the following RIAJ press release (goofy Google Translate).
white space is good for the soul
STOP! Illegal downloads campaign
RIAJ / 2013 July 24 (Google Translate)
with the revised copyright law that came into force in October 2012 for the purpose authorizing (prison) penalties for private illegal downloading, the RIAJ will continue to implement educational activities with this campaign this fiscal year as educational tools to distribute at summer concert festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival ‘13 and SUMMER SONIC 2013, the RIAJ will offer free novelty bandages (shown below) with Japan’s new legal download “El mark” → el mark.

el pacmanpeople


To learn more about the new draconian Japanese download law, refer to the previous posts:
   • Arrests of illegal downloaders under Japan’s new Jail-time-for-downloading Law
          (3Yen / 2013-02-26)
   • ‘Let’s fighting American governments to save the free pirate! For great justice!’
          (3Yen / 2012-07-02)


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One Response to “Japan’s bandaid solution to illegal downloading of music”

  1. Reminder of what it's all about... Says:

    Japan enacts two-year jail terms for illegal downloading
    Draconian laws mean 10 years for uploaders
    The Register | 1st October 2012
    Downloading pirated material in Japan can now earn you two years in prison and a fine of two million yen ($25,600) for each purloined file, with uploaders facing 10 years in the Big House and a fine five times as large.
    The laws – some of the toughest ever enacted against illegal downloaders – were passed in June after strong lobbying from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). Downloading has been illegal in Japan for the last two years, but as a civil offense with no sanctions, not a criminal matter with jail time…more…

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