Too kool Japan

Nothing makes me laugh more than the idea that über-hinky Japan is somehow “cool.” As I posted before in Is Japan cool? Toilets? (3Yen / 2012-03-07), the Japanese government is grasping at straws trying to promote foreign tourism.

cool japan campaign title
right-wing sound trucks big black busses hi-tech toilet hot spring old lady japan onsen baba
top 3 cool japan
white space is good for the soulmt-fuji-trashmore_94x150white space is good for the soulInstantaneous Vending-Machine Skirt white space is good for the soulharajuku girl japan
cool japan top 4, 5, and 6

Today, I spotted this riff on the uncool Cool Japan…

Japanese Government’s ‘Uncool’ Cool Japan Video Goes Viral
Wall Street Journal blog–Aug. 2, 2013
a home-made Cool Japan video shot by two ministry officials and uploaded to YouTube last month has attracted so much criticism that it’s gone viral, prompting Japan’s online community to ask: Can something be so uncool that it’s actually cool?m0Ar!~

My favorite part of the WSJ post was the quote from a Japanese commenter:
quoter leftThe Economy Ministry’s Cool Japan explanation video was so cool that I feel like I’m catching a coldquoter right

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4 thoughts on “Too kool Japan”

  1. Lovely (not).
    Great choice of music too (not).
    But why does it come across looking like a plan for the next incarnation of the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere?

    Actually, I think they did a better PR job back then.
    Manchukuo propaganda

  2. “Harajuku-in-Paris”??

    Seems barely more organized than a flashmob, and most picture seems to be from place de la Concorde. Good choice, it’s where the headquarter of the French Navy is(/was) there is always enough SWAT teams and backups ready to take on any midsize African banana dictatorship. Good spot to avoid wedgies if you want to go on a dweeb parade…

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