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‘Obon’ — Japanese ghosts’ holiday

hot bon-dori
Choosing the hottest and most miserable week in Japan’s horrid summer, Obon (お盆–Wiki), is the vacation holiday period when the spirits of the ancestors are revisit Japanese households.
Folks here celebrate this Halloween-esque homecoming with the world’s hottest dance, the Bon-Odori, which has endless variations as you can see above (and more traditionally below).

Note: The 3Yen is on O-Bon vacation for the week so postings will be by the spirits of the ancestors and rather slow.


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3 Responses to “‘Obon’ — Japanese ghosts’ holiday”

  1. MARKed TRAIL via email Says:

    Here’s one of the few times that Japanese seemed to figure out that All Hallows’ Eve and Obon celebrate the same holiday of the dead.

  2. Hot Asian Girls Tube Japan TV Shows Online (via email) Says:

    Click to watch on YouTube
    Japanese Bon Odori Dance Video..

    Japanese Bon Odori Dance Video 2007

    This video features the traditional Japanese ‘BON ODORI’ (Bon Dance) that is performed in every major city throughout Japan every August during the Buddhist Obon holiday season. This… ‘BON ODORI’ dance festival…is performed in various styles and patterns depending on the region, but it is mainly celebrated as a reminder of the gratefulness one should feel toward one’s ancestors…kind of traditional group-oriented dance style is very interesting and very upbeat and just absolutely stunning to see, especially when witnessed live.

  3. Repti1e Party Says:

    This is s0mething I really like—I’m going to use this for my next repti1e party.

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