Japan Inc. may be forced to admit the Fukushima nuclear leak is ‘serious’

In yet another sign of the coming Apocalypse….
saury radioactive animated
Hey child abusers in Tokyo!
Don’t eat the the fucking saury—mackerel pike* (NHK News / 2013aug20)!

Japan nuclear watchdog may raise leak to ‘serious’
Associated Press | August 21, 2013
Japanese nuclear watchdog on Wednesday said they are taking the leakage of highly radioactive water at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant seriously, and proposed raising the rating to describe it from “an anomaly” to a “serious incident.”

RIght now the radiation levels in Tokyo are much less than natural background radiation in my home in Colorado—No worries at all. However, I wonder what (if any) contingency plans resident gaijin(foreigners) with children have made to bug-out of Kanto–the greater Tokyo area—if Fukushima degrades rapidly. (My plans are to drive or take my sea kayak south of Kanto and catch train/plane/public transport to my Rice Ranch in Shikoku to my place in Beak Creek, Colorado.)

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8 thoughts on “Japan Inc. may be forced to admit the Fukushima nuclear leak is ‘serious’”

  1. Hey child abusers. Don’t eat the the fucking “saury” (NHK News)!

    This NHK video is a good one, reporting on increased incidence of thyroid cancer in Fukushima kids, followed by a promotion of health benefits of Japanese food.

    LOL, it is too easy to make an association (even if there isn’t any directly). They even state that Japanese food is good against obesity. Yeah right, cancer is also good against obesity.

    Back to Fukushima: looks like the world is loosing their confidence in TEPCO.

    Decision [to raise threat level] seen as another sign that engineers are losing control over the leaks(The Independent.co.uk / 2013Aug20)

  2. So Japan Incorporated may have to admit the Fuckushima nuclear leak is “serious”—boo-fucking-hoo.

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