Japanese airports plagued with autonomous and sentient eyeballs!

As of late for, the Japanese news (and the 3Yen) have been plagued with reports of autonomous and sentient eyeballs on the loose!


Airport art! Local airports in Japan having fun with baggage carousels
RocketNews24 | 2013/08/19
Is that a giant eyeball in your luggage or are you just happy to see me?
what’s staring back at you–is an art piece that rides the baggage carousel at a local airport in Tottori Pref. the airport lets Medama no Oyaji ride around to his tiny heart’s content ...more


blue eye wink blink Other dubious reports of the onslaught of eyeballs and in particular Medama no Oyaji on the 3Yen include:
   • Japan’s anus eyeball monster (3Yen / 2013-07-24)
   • Opticon Has Been Destroyed! (3Yen / 2012-10-12)
   • Eyes invade the streets of Tokyo! (3Yen / )
blue-eyed aliens in Tokyo..

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7 thoughts on “Japanese airports plagued with autonomous and sentient eyeballs!”

  1. The sign says, “I’m watching y00 suckas“.

    Really the perfect time for such mascot…

    At London airport they just put Chav’s on the carousel getting shitfaced drunk, humping a chavette or punching people and stealing their wallet since the luggages are usually lost or heading for Cuba… The sign says “Welcome to England, beware it get worse from here”

  2. Fun…Offered at Shigeru Mizuki’s Ghost Road
    A Rinkya Blog | 2014may12
    [The Medama Oyaji Train can be taken] From Yonago (米子) station of Tottori Prefecture, it’s about 50 minutes ride by JR. From Yonago Airport, about 15 minutes by JR. It’d be pretty easy to spot a Mizuki Shigeru [EYEBALL] train like this.

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