what nightmares of made of

The 3Yen’s correspondent-at-large, Den4, writes:

quoter leftThere’s not a single real face among them…kind of like that obake/ghoul with no face…..only in reverse…quoter right

rocketnews24.com (2013/08/28)

Cosplayers invade the Kyoto subway system to promote upcoming event

These guys—yes they’re almost always men—are kigurumi (Kigurumi-Wikipedia) crossplayers.
This particular subset of Kigurumi are called animegao (animegao wikipedia anime face doller, lit, anime face) or in English “doller”. The animegao’s costumes consist of a full bodysuit, usually in a flesh-tone color, combined with clothing and girlie accessories of a manga or anime character (Wiki).

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8 thoughts on “what nightmares of made of”

  1. Speaking of ” Kigurumi” cosplay…
    The Saebogu’s Sow has the most impact and was the strongest in the Notice Corner. His Pig of Rubber is just walking: What a duck!

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