Oh noes! Cows with spots! Blame the Fukushima nuke meltdown

oh noes

Some dingdong who refuses to leave the 20 km dead zone around the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdowns, has found that his pet cows (the cattle cannot be sold and he has collected compensation already) have spots. Oh noes! Cows with spots!

“White spots” on Fukushima cattle ignored by Japanese officials
Channel NewsAsia — 29 Aug 2013
Following the Fukushima nuclear disaster, farmer Masami Yoshizawa kept his cattle alive to monitor changes due to prolonged radiation exposure. Now, mysterious white spots on the fur and skin are appearing on 10 of his Japanese black cattle.
As revelations about continued problems around the nuclear plant emerged, it should be a major concern for Japan’s agricultural business. But so far, nothing has been said about the issue.
Kazuo Suzuki, the Ministry of Agriculture official responsible for livestock within the 20 kilometre exclusion zone, was informed of the white spots by Mr Yoshizawa when he visited Mr Yoshizawa’s farm in December 2012.


Meanwhile with this week’s revelation that 300 tons of water contaminated with radioactive material has gushed out of Fukushima, the real concern is how much is the Japanese government lying about the fallout from Fukushima (Newstalk / 2013Aug29).

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4 thoughts on “Oh noes! Cows with spots! Blame the Fukushima nuke meltdown”

  1. “How much is the Japanese government lying about the fallout from Fukushima”?

    Wrong question. It should be: Is Japan telling any truth about the fallout from Fukushima?


  2. I blame stress… nobody should have told them cows they wuz in the nukular exclusion zone… Now they are all a scared to be living in Ukraine since they can’t speak the language…

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