Tokyo taxi robots to nag you about forgetting your umbrella

Mo’ betta than “Johnny Cab,” the robo-cabbie that ferried Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film Total Recall, Tokyo’s largest taxi service “Kokusai” plans to install nag-bots in their cabs to chastise you for forgetting your belongings behind. This system ought to be able to spot a cellphone or a wallet that slipped out of a pocket on the way out of a cab. robot-cab

Forgot Something? Tokyo Cabs Want to Make Sure You Don’t
Wall Street Journal blog | September 4, 2013
Tokyo-based taxi Kokusai Motorcars Co. plans to equip its vehicles with a camera system that automatically detects when items are left behind…[with] four small cameras — two under the front seats, one on the ceiling, and one in the trunk — to record images of the back seat before and after a passenger enters the taxi. If a passenger leaves the car forgetting an item that wasn’t there before getting in, the system sounds an alarm ...more...

qa_4 ← One of Tokyo’s ubiquitous Kokusai taxis.

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5 thoughts on “Tokyo taxi robots to nag you about forgetting your umbrella”

  1. I dunno, while the taxi drivers may be mostly incontinent dinosaurs, they seem to be catching more crime with their in-car cameras than the police with….oh wait

  2. Actually, officer, that was not mine. It was put into my pocket by a foreigner in Roppongi.

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