A new cute mascot for a Japanese prison?

Japanese prison has a real loose character—“Katakkuri-chan,” the new official mascot of Asahikawa Prison in Hokkaido Japan.

According to news site of The Hokkaido Shimbun Press (giga-goofy Google Translate):prison mascot
← Katakkuri-chan, the so-called “loose-character”—yurukyara—of Asahikawa Prison, was unveiled on the 8th of September.
The costumed PR mascot character is aimed at getting people interested in the prison (WTF?!).
The mascot made its debut at the “Asahikawa Correction Exhibition”…to soften the image of an unapproachable prison…
…The costume is supposed to resemble a dogtooth violet—katakuri, which is actually a lilly. Katakkuri-chan was created with the wish to, quoter leftHave children interested in the character of forgiveness of prison and to improve the image of the place.quoter right

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13 thoughts on “A new cute mascot for a Japanese prison?”

  1. Oh I know you’re gonna love this!~

    Japanese prison creates cuddly mascot in attempt to improve facility’s image
    Fox News | 2013 Sept 08
    Officials of Asahikawa Prison in Japan’s far north is too often thought of only as a dark place with imposing grey walls and not as a place of rehabilitation.
    They hope “Katakkuri-chan”, a nearly two-meter (6ft, 6ins) humanoid with a huge square face and an enormous purple flower for hair, will make people understand the true nature of the institution.
    “Prisons have the image of being isolated places that have no contact with the rest of society and are surrounded by imposing grey walls,” said a public relations official at Asahikawamore...

    Please insert my photo, ok?

  2. R wrote:
    What’s next?
    A mascot meeting you up at the execution chamber?!?

    Executing mascots too?


  3. “In a closed society where everybody’s guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.”

    Hunter S. Thompson

  4. As an enormous bloke with a flower in his hair, my bet is Kattakuri-kun has been made to go bitch behind bars. Maybe he’ll be able to teach the kids how to endure forced fellatio while being dry sodomized…
    At least it might give the kids the right idea about trying to stay out of the nick…

  5. SDH wrote:
    …my bet is Kattakuri-kun has been made to go bitch behind bars…

    Do you mean like this “loose character” lover?


  6. Do you mean like this “loose character” lover?

    That bitch doesn’t look anything like the bitches in prison here. They’re all kinpatsu (bleach blond) /chappatsu (lightened/reddish-brown hair), shabu (meth) addicts. (seeing them is the highlight of any male prisoners day…yeah, it’s that bad)

  7. The runner-up mascot to Kattakuri-kun was “Noosie”, the “surprise unannounced execution” mascot.

    He only shows up unannounced on some given Friday morning.

  8. Asians are highly respectful of officials, which is a bad idea
    2014/01/05 | The Jakarta Post
    In Japan, the obsession with cuteness makes it hard for officials to generate respect. The Japanese prison service recently decided to “express its personality” by launching a giant cuddly toy mascot.
    A human-sized version with an actor inside prances around at prison-related functions. Instead of convicted murderers being dragged off by burly guards, I picture them holding the hand of a giant cuddly toy speaking in a high-pitched voice: “Hello! You’re going to come and live with me from now on, sweetie!” Critics say it is “sending the wrong message” about crime and punishment.

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