Winners of the 2020 FAIL Olympics!

Making the rounds in twitter #Japan:

Housing for Tokyo 2020 Olympics
Housing for Fukushima refugees


Fukushima’s nuclear Dead-Zone reporting by 3Yen correspondent, MARKed TRAIL: Via Hiroko Tabuchi (@HirokoTabuchi)’s twitter | September 9, 2013

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8 thoughts on “Winners of the 2020 FAIL Olympics!”

  1. No Chance Of 2020 Olympics Restarting Japan’s Economy
    Forbes 2013/09/09
       “Tokyo 2020 Olympics could be shot in the arm for struggling Japan.”
          –NBC News

       “The successful 2020 Olympic bid signals new hope for Japan.”
          –Time Magazine
    So, that’s all it took. Twenty years of economic stagnation and all Japan needed to get back on its feet was that the summer Olympics be hosted in its capital. And after two decades of secular bear market, Japanese stocks are a buy again. Such a shame no one thought of this sooner.
    If you believe that, I recommend you close your brokerage account, withdraw the cash balance in a duffel bag, and then douse it in gasoline and set it on fire. Because if you believe Japan is investable, you’re inevitably going to lose your money. We might as well just skip a few steps and go directly to the fiery duffel bag.
    But aren’t the Olympic Games good for the economy?
    That’s the received wisdom. But the evidence here is sketchy at best.
    London hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics, and by the UK’s own estimates, ticket sales boosted British GDP by a whopping 0.2% in the third quarter of 2012. That’s hardly worth mentioning.

  2. Four words: Olympics Beach Volleyball Girls

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  3. fapgaijinfap wrote:
    Four words: Olympics Beach Volleyball Girls

    Ask any Japanese person, and the general agreement is that the Japanese “Volley Girls” are the best looking in Japan (many become fashion models here).

    asao miwa japanese beach volleybal

  4. Masturbating furiously again….
    fap finished desu. San queue desu!

  5. I suppose congratulations are in order for Tokyoites and the citizens of Japan. We know you’ll do a really great job on the infrastructure. But are you sure you really, really want the Olympics again? They’re fun whilst they last, but the hangover never ends.
          ~Best, from Vancouver

    TOKYO 2012 Candidate City - 1
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