Japanese ‘Water Day’ (Wednesday) is a bad day for real estate shopping

Weirdo Japanese factoid of the day…

Thanks to Danny Choo / 末永みらい命 (@dannychoo)’s twitter we have today’s trivia…

white space is good for the soul
quotingLEFTy_12x15 All Japanese real estate agents are closed on Wednesday. Reason is Wednesday = Sui (水) in Japanese means water = ‘contracts get washed away’. quotingRIGHty_12x15


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5 thoughts on “Japanese ‘Water Day’ (Wednesday) is a bad day for real estate shopping”

    (Found at the bottom most Japanese housing agency flyers)

  2. 1. Move to Japan and become an Engrish teacher.
    2. Knock up at least one of your students.
    3. Get married.
    4. Get Japanese citizenship.
    5. Renounce home country citizenship.
    6. Buy a thin plywood rabbit hutch “house” with no insulation on a 175 year mortgage.
    7. ??????
    8. Profit(?)

  3. Da Fluck Chinar town?

    Popped off the plane last week started teaching Engrish. Banged two hotties in my first two classes one Jbush Biyatch and one bald hawt Chinkalinkya.

    Went down Chinar town and ate a freaking half a dog and half a ‘Merican bald eagle dinner set and I haven’t shat in over a week now! Bro says I must have slirped down a tapeworm or two. Chinkya says da only way is I gotta eat cow bile now. Da Fluck!

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