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For Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics ‘various unruly foreign groups will need to be cleared out’

Expel the Foreign Barbarians!
Expel the Foreign Barbarians

Kabukicho, Tokyo’s vibrant “entertainment’ district, the longtime home of Tokyo’s purveyors of sleaze and red-light services is due for yet another cleanup…of evil foreigners. Most of these “foreigners” servicing a completely Japanese clientele have permanent residency (Japanese Green Cards) or were born in Japan and cannot be “cleared out” legally.

Terrorism fears could mean end of Kabukicho in run up to 2020 Olympics
The Tokyo Reporter | 2013/09/18
the Kabukicho red light district, which is located a few kilometers north of the proposed location for the National Stadium, may just have may be the target of yet another clean up.
“Right now,” says an official from within the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, “Kabukicho is filled with troublemaking Africans and Chinesethe red-light district will be the ideal place in which to harbor terrorists.
“… various unruly foreign groups will need to be cleared out,” says the aforementioned official. “The completion of the plan will coincide with the 2020 Olympic Games.”

Gaijin go home!”

anti-foreigner banner shinagawa station tokyo japan
“Foreigners leave!” banner in Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station (3Yen 2005-06-18)


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5 Responses to “For Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics ‘various unruly foreign groups will need to be cleared out’”

  1. Choko (quoted) Says:

    Cough cough….how about the unruly Japanese holding anti-foreigner rallies?

  2. Taro 3Yen Says:

    Do you mean like these warm-hearted Japanese marching just outside Shinjuku in anti-foreigner protests that have been run once a month for the past year?

    auslander raus foreigners out gaijin be gonehow-much-longer..

  3. W Says:

    More like “we want to avoid getting a black eye when people return home after the Olympics to find mysterious $700 charges on their credit cards.”

  4. Forever Alone Guy (F.A.G.) Says:

    If all the foreigners were smart, then every morning they would just dress up as a cosplayer. Then, in locals’ eyes, they have “advanced” to “Wapanese” level and will be politely laughed off as harmless sea urchin. Amiright?

  5. POLITICOMIX (reposted Says:

    TOKYO 2020 FAQ: Train Men
    Click comic to ENLARGE.

    via POLITICOMIX: 2013-09-25


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