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Future battle: Osprey vs. Bison in the East China Sea

Fighting over bird poop covered rocks in the middle of the East China Sea seems to be a favorite entertainment for China and Japan for several years now (3Yen 2012-04-17). The coast guard ships of Japan (and their US proxies), China and sometimes the forgotten stepchild Taiwan have literal pissing matches (3Yen 2007-10-29) over the control the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands.

China Bison vs US Osprey[+]

Osprey vs. Bison in the East China Sea
The Diplomat | 2013-Sept-22
For now this contest for control is confined to shoving matches largely between Chinese and Japanese Coast Guard ships, which take several days to deploy. However, China is now developing the means to project decisive force to these islands in hours, not days. Should China gain the upper hand in this arms race there is a greater chance it will use force to occupy the islands and then set its sights on the strategically more attractive nearby Sakashima island group.
For now, though, the upper hand is held by the United States, which has just completed the initial deployment of 24 U.S. Marine Corps Bell-Boeing MV-22B Ospreythat can take off like a helicopter, and then cruise at about 280 miles per hourIn a full-out surge, the 24 MV-22Bs at the Futenma Base in Okinawa could potentially put about 500 troops or about 140 tons of weapons and material on the Senkakus or the Sakashimas in about one hour
China is also accumulating rapid lift assets. The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has taken delivery of the first Ukrainian-built Zubr (”Bison”) [largest-in-the-world] hovercraft.

One of 3Yen’s keen-eyed readers noticed that
Hey WTF?! Doesn’t the Chinese-owned ‘Bison’ landing craft look a lot like the Space Battleship Yamato?” (Refer to photo comparison our Comments section.)

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7 Responses to “Future battle: Osprey vs. Bison in the East China Sea”

  1. MARKed TRAIL Says:

    Hey WTF?! Doesn’t the Chinese-owned ‘Bison’ landing craft look a lot like the Space Battleship Yamato?

  2. Taro 3Yen Says:

    Mr QuoteeQuote left sidebarDoesn’t the Chinese-owned ‘Bison’ landing craft look a lot like the Space Battleship Yamato?


  3. Coligny Says:


    In one word…


    The space battulship Yamato is a direct copycat of the real battleship yamato.

    Those Russian landing crafts barely have their paint job in common…

    300miles range… With 3 mbts onboard… I hope they have a shitload more in order or a fleet of amphibious transport ships acting as warehouse from which the hovercraft will deliver the troops to the beach..,

  4. choko Says:

    I think the real plan is just to line up all the hovercraft in China’s most polluted areas and aim them at Japan.

  5. Chinese Sailors Beware Says:

    In the navy ♬
    ♫Yes, you can sail the seven seas…

    The Chinese are doomed by the ‘Soft Power’ of Japan!
    Here’s secret footage of the Japan’s cross-dressing Coast Guard defending Senkaku Islands from the dastardly Chinese! :-p

    japan coast guard defends senkaku island..

  6. Herprimus Derprimus Says:

    Dear Chinese General Kung Pao:

    When you wake up every morning from now on, be sure to look out your little rabbit hutch window. When you see this:

    be sure to complete the following:
    white space is good for the soul

    1. call up General Tso
    2. start polishing up on your “Engrish” and get ready to sing like a seagull cause you’re about to be “liberated”.
    3. set an additional 100,000+ places for all the unexpected arriving dinner guests.
  7. jimmy Says:

    Don’t worry too much about Bisons or Zubrs or whatever else. The mainstream media has been rather quiet about steam seen rising from Reactor#3 at Fukushima, which has been happening a lot recently, one which took place only a few days ago.

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