Japanese ‘H-Cup’ withstands thousands of fondlers in a 24-hour charity event

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The animated GIF above is Ms. Mizumi Saki who withstood the onslaught of thousands of fondlers in a 24-hour anti-AIDS event according to giga-goofy Google Translate news…

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“Gravure” Idol News — Fondle sexy AV actress, Mizumi Saki
zakzak.co.jp | 2013.09.19
In their annual anti-AIDS fundraiser “24 hour TV Erotic! 2013 Save the Earth,” the adult channel, “Paradise TV, had Mizumi Saki (age 26), work as one of their ‘Tit Fondle Fundraising Girls’…physically up to the fondling challenge, Ms. Saki’s measurements are 153 centimeters (5 ft 1 in) tall; Bust: 88 cm (34½ in), which translates to a Japanese “H cup”; Waist: 60cm (23½ in); and Hip: 89cm (35 in)…5,597 fondlers donated more than 5 million yen ($50,500 USD) for the anti-AIDS effort.

My friend, The Tokyo Reporter (2013/08/16) interviewed Ms. Saki in his story entitled: quoter leftBreast squeeze, UFO phone sex to highlight porn channel charity drive. quoter right
In her interview she said, quotingLEFTy_10x11For guys who like them big, rub them as you wish.quotingRIGHty_12x15


Previous reports here on the 3Yen about this annual charity tittie squeeze include:
   • Japan’s charity breast drive (3Yen / 2013/08/16)
   • Tokyo’s titty twisting telethon twits (3Yen / 2011/08/04)
   • Charity telethon done Japan style (3Yen / 2006-09-12)

For more information about the charity event see: paradisetv.co.jp
Also refer to Ms. Saki’s engrish profile at: ooppai.com/profile/saki-mizumi

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3 thoughts on “Japanese ‘H-Cup’ withstands thousands of fondlers in a 24-hour charity event”

  1. Goodhearted Japanese girl lets thousands of men fondle her in a 24-hour anti-AIDS fundraising event.

    Tits fundraising girl semi-NSFW small-fast
    big-belly bimbo japanese girl

  2. Holy Shinto! First, I nearly had my eyes poked out by Ms. Saki’s vibrating gifs here. Then I went to that WTF freaky-go-round H website and now I’m like FAAAAKKKKUUU!!!

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